Career Perspective

  • 1.The creation of art: painting, sculpture and other creative.
  • 2.Application work of art: illustration, decorative painting (such as ceramic painting, murals), advertising design, magazine art editor, props, scenery design and other related work.
  • 3.A variety of craft creation: ceramics, jewelery, metalwork arts, weaving dyeing, doll production design, wood and bamboo carvings, lacquer ware products.
  • 4.All kinds of design: product design, interior design, landscape design.
  • 5.The graphic arts related teacher: art class teacher, craft class teacher, class teacher talent,,, and so on.
  • 6.Art Research category.
  • 7.The marketing of the art economy class.
  • 8.cultural institutions, arts organizations, Foundation, galleries administrative work.